Wat Tha Luang

Wat Tha Luang

Wat Tha Luang is believed to have been constructed in 1845 during the reign of King Rama III.  According to the writing of Prince-Patriarch Vajirananavarorasa, Wat Tha Luang was also known as Wat Ratchadittharam, which means Royal Pier or King’s Pier.  Enshrined inside the ubosot (ordination hall) of the temple is Luangpho Phet, Phichit’s most renowned bronze statue of Lord Buddha known for its beauty and sacredness.  The Buddha image was named Luangpho Phet (Reverend Monk Diamond) as it depicts Lord Buddha in the attitude of subduing Mara in the diamond or Phet sitting position, the same artistic style as Phra Phuttha Sihing influenced by Sri Lankan Buddhism.  Local tales have it that Luangpho Phet at Wat Tha Luang is one of the first Chiang Saen-style images that show the Buddha wearing an outer robe with a serrated edge hanging above his chest.  The image was probably built between 1118 and 1337.  Originally, there was no glass case that encapsulates the Buddha image as seen today.  It was in 1952 that the Bhodisombat Family donated the glass case to the temple.

Luangpho Phet is one of the most revered Buddha images in Thailand.  People usually seek blessings from Luangpho Phet when they suffer from misery or losses of assets, as they believe that Luangpho Phet can remove these sufferings.  Those whose wishes have been fulfilled offer boiled eggs, a pig’s lead, desserts and fruits to Luangpho Phet together with flowers, incense sticks and a candle.

As Buddhists should be aware, seeking blessings from a sacred Buddha image will give them peace of mind.  However, it is Dhamma and the Lord Buddha’s teachings that eliminate all the sufferings that humans experience, whether they are caused by nature or human themselves.

The temple area is very unique in the way that it is divided into two sections with Butsaba Road running in the middle from north to south.  Located in the east side are the ordination hall and sermon hall, while the west side accommodates monks’ dwellings, a Buddhist school, a cremation area and a meditation area for laymen.  In addition, the Nan River runs pass the temple, making it the site where the annual King’s Cup boat races take place around the beginning of September.

How to get there
Wat Tha Luang is located on Butsaba Road, Nai Mueang Sub-district, Mueang District, Phichit.  It is on the west bank of the Nan River, the same side as the City Hall which is 1 kilometer away from the temple. For further details, please contact Tel. 0 5661 1285.