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New Thai Temple Articles

We’ve started adding articles on some of the Buddhist Temples that can be found in Thailand.  This first article is an overview/introduction to some of what we will be talking about in future postings.  We hope you’ll enjoy these and once again,if you have any requests or would like to share your Thai Temple experiences with us, just Contact us.  Now, check out “Temples in Thailand – Introduction“.

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Temples In Thailand

Buddhist Temples in Thailand

Temples In Thailand Home Page

Welcome to our site devoted to the Buddhist Temples that can be found in Thailand.  Previously we have created a Web site devoted to sharing information and resources as well as getting around and where to go to see many of Bangkok’s Buddhist Temples.  With the success and support of that informational site, we have now expanded to all of Thailand.  During our years of living in Thailand and exploring the country from one side to the other, we have collected a great deal of information and photos from many of the other beautiful and historic temples around Thailand.  As with our other site, we will be presenting a series of articles on many of the temples you can find while exploring Thailand.

Articles About Thailand’s Temples

If you have been to Thailand before, or if you have read about Thailand, you already know there are more temples in Thailand than anyone could ever hope to visit in a lifetime.  Here, we have compiled some of, what we think are, the best temples to visit depending on where you will be traveling during your Thai experience.  Below are some of the cities we will be presenting temple information for:


Chiang Mai

Chiang Rai

Khon Kaen


Nakhon Pathom


Ubon Ratchathani

Many More . . .

You probably noticed that “Bangkok” is not listed here.  Since we have an entire Web site devoted just to the Buddhist Temples in Bangkok, we have left those off here.  To read what we have found in Bangkok, simply visit our site

Temples In Thailand – A Little Help

We have many years and dozens of trips to and around Thailand.  We’ve seen a lot!  But, there are always more temples and religious sites that can be discovered and presented here at our site.  If you have visited any temples around Thailand that we have not covered and would like to share some of your experiences, don’t hesitate to Contact us and we can discuss your contribution to the site.

Temples In Thailand – Conclusion

We plan for this to be an ongoing project and will be adding more articles as we go along.  Remember, if there are any contributions you’d like to make to the site, just Contact us any time.  Also, if you’d like to learn more about us, have a look at out About Us page.  Finally, don’t forget to bookmark our site for an easy return to read more!

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