Wat Chetiyaphum

Phrathat Kham Kaen - Wat Chetiyaphum

Phrathat Kham Kaen
Wat Chetiyaphum, Khon Kaen

There is no evidence of the date on construction of Phrathat Kham Kaen.  It is believed that the temple was constructed at the same time as Phrathat Si Song Rak in Loei Province in the 17th Century as both share common fundamental structural details, i.e. a low base and pure folk style.  Legend has it that the tower houses relics of the Buddha.  It is believed that the King of Moriyawong built this tower to cover the dead wood of a tamarind tree which was revived after he placed the Buddha relics on top ofit while he went on his trip to the construction site of Phrathat Phanom.  Kham Kaen means the wood of the tamarind tree.

Phrathat Kham Kaen is another sanctuary in the Northeast apart from Phrathat Phanom in Nakhon Phanom Province and Phrathat Choeng Chum in Sakon Nohkon Province.  It is highly respected by Khon Kaen people because they believe that Phrathat Kham Kaen will protect their lives and bring peace and success.  The true Dhamma behind this belief is that when one has Hiri-Ottappa or moral shame and abstinence from immoral thought, word and deed and then purifies one’s mind, his/her life will be peaceful and he/she will achieve eternal success.

Take a look at the ancient ubosot shaped like a rectangle with ornately carved woodwork at the front of the ubosot and an astonishingly beautiful painting of fully decorated and armed guardians.

How To Get There
Phrathat Kham Kaen is located 26 kilometers from the city in Wat Chetiyaphum, Ban Kham Mu 1, Ban Kham Sub-District, Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen Province.  Take highway 209 then turn left at Kilometer 12 towards the entrance of Ban Khok Si then continue for approximately 13 kilometers.  Turn left to highway 2183 for 8 more kilometers.  You will see Phrathat Kham Kaen signs along the road.