Chaomae Khao Sam Muk

Chaomae Khao Sam Muk
Chan Buri

Legend has it that, during the late Ayutthaya Period, in Ang Hin Sub-district (currently known as Ang Sila Sub-district), there lived a village headman’s son whose name was Saen.  In a neighboring village, an old woman brought her granddaughter named Sam Muk from Pla Set city (presently known as Chon Buri) to live with her.  Sam Muk liked to go out and watch people flying kites.  One day, Saen’s kite flew freely and landed before her, here they met for the first time and later fell in love.  Bai, the village headman, disapproved of their love because he hated Sam Muk for being poor, and he forced Saen to marry another girl.  Sam Muk attended Saen’s wedding function to return a ring she received from Saen.  In distress, she then ran to a cliff and jumped to her death.  Saen left his wedding to follow Sam Muk and found that she was dead.  The couple had vowed their eternal love and promised that if the promise was broken they would both jump.  Saen then jumped to his death.  After that, Bai named this hill Khao Sam Muk and named the beach at the bottom Bang Saen.  Villagers built the Chaomae Sam Muk Shrine to house their spirits and people come to pay respect.  Fishermen pray to the shrine for a safe return from the seas.

Couples pray to the shrine for endless love.  They write down their names on a kite and hang it at the shrine. They believe that when Chaomae Sam Muk answers their prayers, they will never be parted.  Fishermen ignite firecrackers as an offering to Chaomae Sam Muk for a safe fishing trip.  Some people come to the shrine to seek blessings while some pray for their wish to come true.  Those whose prayers are answered will in return make offering with firecrackers, a pearl necklace and young coconuts, which are things Chaomae Sam Muk was fond of.

To have true love, one shall follow the Gharavasa-Dhamma which comprises 4 virtues that are Sacca – truth and honesty, Dama – self-discipline, Khanti -tolerance, and Caga – sacrifice.  If a couple can practice the said Dhamma, they will be together forever in love and peace.

How to get there
The Chaomae Sam Muk Shrine is located at the bottom of Sam Muk Hill, on Sam Muk Cape.  From Ang Sila Sub-district, drive on Highway 3134 for about 3 kilometers and follow the signs along the way.  Turn right at the sign and keep going straight for 1 kilometer.  From Bang Saen Beach, drive along the road parallel to the beach heading towards Thaen Cape, following the signs.  Sam Muk Hill is about 2 kilometers from Bang Saen Beach.